RA2 Dimmers


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Dimmers have to be hard wired to your lighting loads and it is vital to match the appropriate dimmer to the lighting types that is being controlled. The Dimmers receive RF signals from a variety of master controllers which in turn controls your lighting. These commands come from in wall and tabletop keypads, from Pico controllers, and from smart phone & tablets.

"Matching the correct dimmer to the lighting load is vital in order to ensure performance"

600 Watt dimmer  # RRD-6CL       incandescent / magnetic low voltage, halogen  and some led

1000 Watt dimmer # RRD-10D     incandescent / magnetic low voltage, loads over 600 watts

1000 Watt dimmer # RRD-10ND incandescent / magnetic low voltage, neutral based dimmer. 


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 Adaptive phase dimmer part # RRD-6NA 
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Adaptive phase dimmers automatically adapts to load type by providing either forward or reverse phase-control. These dimmers has an almost universal application for lighting loads such as: Incandescent and Halogen, Electronic Low Voltage, Magnetic Low Voltage and some dimmible cfl's and led's (neutral wire needed) In new construction the adaptive phase dimmer is a solid performer as so many new homes are "Going Green" with led's being installed.  


New Led neutral based dimmer part # RRD-6ND

This new RA 2 neutral based dimmer will handle up to 600 watts of  incandescent, magnetic LV and 150 watts of led. It will not work on Electronic lighting. Please make sure that the bulbs being used have been tested and approved by Lutron otherwise it becomes "buy it and try it technology"

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Bulbs that have been tested and approved by Lutron to work with their dimmers.    

For a list of compatible bulbs click on this link Click here to visit Lutrons approved bulbs


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image© 2018 Lutron Electronics

Tabletop lamp Dimmer module

part # RRD-3LD-XX

Allows the control of one plug-in lamp (2 prong only) as part of a RadioRA 2 System. Lights fade up or down over 3 seconds when turned on or off. Double tap brings lights to full on. Plugs into a standard wall outlet. Load Type: Incandescent and Magnetic LV, for table and floor lamps maximum 300 watts.


Plug in Lamp Dimming module 

part # RR-3PD-1-XX

With its Low profile plug in design this lamp module can easily be concealed behind furnishings. The lamp is designed to only be dimmed from the controlling button on a keypad and not from the device its self. This command could be from a in wall, tabletop or pico controller. 300 watt max Plug-in Modules are simple to install and easy to use. RF Plug-in Modules allow floor and table lamps to functions much the same as standard lamp dimmers, but have advanced features such as fade on/fade off, delayed long fade off, and rapid activation. Easy to relocate from room to room.

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