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RA3 System Review

 Lutron raises the bar once again. 10 years in the making, RadioRA 3 is a new, game-changing system that promises to transform the way         Homeowners look at connected lighting control. RadioRA 3 brings the contemporary light bar design to a full range of connected  devices       dimmers with capacitive touch technology, switches and keypads. The enhanced functionality and new aesthetic look of  the Sunnata dimmer   make it the ideal alternative to traditional dimmers. The light bar’s soft glow makes it easy to locate the switch or dimmer in the dark. The   brightness level   of the light bar is adjustable, including the option to turn it off for rooms where Homeowners might want full darkness. 

                                                    Simpler to Program and Customize for Lutron Certified Installers

 With its new simplified software, RadioRA 3 will save you a lot of time. Easily manage device count across the total system, no more             assigning rooms to individual repeaters. Create floor, room or sub-room hierarchies so the design is intuitive to your clients and reduces           data entry by applying programming across devices with one click. Upgrading a RA2 system? Easily convert the existing RadioRA2                 programming to the new RadioRA3 processor with a few clicks.

 With the new app-based editing features, Installers will be able to do jobsite refinements in real time with clients, avoiding                     unnecessary call backs later. And if you do get requested changes after install, the new remote service programming feature means you           can make adjustments from your location, saving time and unnecessary travel.




                  Sunnata is now the new alternative dimmer look to the traditional Maestro look. 





 Sunnata is now the new RA 3 Dimmer

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Check out this exciting dimmer below, it is now available in RadioRA 3



QUALIFICATION TRAINING: To setup a RadioRA 3 system, installers must pass the required training program. This qualification is an online and self-paced learning plan with a variety of modules designed to help you create experiences and provide the technical knowledge needed to successfully install and setup the system. Please allow several hours to complete the training, and at the end you will be asked to pass an exam to gain access to the software.                      

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The new processor is powered by PoE, so pros can place it centrally in the home, without the need for a nearby power outlet, to optimize the system’s RF network connectivity. It allows clients to connect up to 200 devices featuring Lutron’s proprietary ClearConnect RF technology for outstanding reliable performance. It is easy to program via a computer and through Lutron’s app, which can be used on the jobsite to efficiently fully set up the system, refine settings easily, and incorporate real-time client feedback. Also, it’s simple to make system changes remotely, post install, meaning fewer service calls. RadioRA 3 offers backwards compatibility with most RadioRA 2 and RA2 Select devices, so existing customers can expand their systems with new RadioRA 3 wall controls.



RadioRA 3 Sunnata dimmers and switches REQUIRE a neutral connection

           What are the system limitations?

A RadioRA 3 system can have a maximum of one (1) Processor and (4) Auxiliary Repeaters for the extra RF range coverage. (maximum 10,000 sq ft)

The RadioRA 3 processor works with both the new RadioRA 3 Sunnata Devices (Clear Connect-Type X) and existing RadioRA 2/RadioRA 2 Select (Clear Connect Type-A) Devices

Each RA 3 processor controls up to 200 devices (including the processor and 4 repeaters) with the following limitations: 


RadioRA 3 Sunnata Devices (Clear Connect-Type X):  A maximum of 100 Sunnata dimmers, keypads, switches and other compatible devices can be added to a RA 3 system. 

The Sunnata companion dimmers/switches DO NOT count toward the 100 device limitation.

RA 3 Sunnata Devices (Clear Connect-Type X) communicate using a wireless mesh topology. In order to assure proper communication, these rules must be adhered to when designing the system.

Important: ALL Sunnata RF (Clear Connect-Type X) devices should be located within 75ft of the RA 3 processor

At least 2 Sunnata RF devices (not including companion dimmers/switches) must be located within 25ft of the  RA 3 processor

Each Sunnata RF device (not including companion dimmers/switches) must be located within 25 ft of two other Sunnata RF Devices


Outdoor RA 3 plug in switch module

Weatherproof+ Outdoor Smart Plug On/Off Switch | Works with Alexa, Google Assistant, Ring, Apple HomeKit  Ideal for Landscape  lights, patio String Lights, Holiday Light, inflatables and fountains.

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 RadioRA 3 Sunnata Starter Kit

 Here is a new RA 3 starter kit with some basic   components. You can add more parts anytime.




                                 Lutron  RadioRA 3 Processor   


                                       Sunnata Pro Dimmer


                                 Sunnata 3 button Keypad









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