RA2 and RA3 Keypads


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 RRD-W6BRL Standard in wall Keypad

Keypads are the heart of a RadioRA 2 system, they send the RF signals to the installed dimmers. So while you can adjust lighting levels with them they are not wired to your lights and simply send RF commands to devices. Standard keypads are only powered devices and are typically "cut in" or ganged near or next to the installed dimmers, a neutral wire is needed. You decide what you want each button to say, plus the number of dimmers each button controls.

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 In wall keypads come in a variety of button options, each button on the keypad can control a single dimmer or group of dimmers to create a lighting scene. No matter your preference they are all priced the same and the number of buttons can be increased or reduced at at the keypad button engraving stage.


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image© 2022 Lutron Electronics Co

image© 2022 Lutron Electronics Co

RRD-H6BRL Hybrid Keypads can be installed anywhere

This "Hybrid" keypad has a 450 watt dimmer built into the top button and simply replaces a standard dimmer. (there is no neutral wire needed) The top button controls the attached lighting load, while other buttons control additional  dimmers or switches that you have assigned to them. The top button must be assigned to an incandescent, halogen or magnetic LV lighting load.

Note: This built in Hybrid button but will not control cfl or led loads

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                         The most popular keypad is the 6 button with  raise/ lower                                                                





RRD-HN6BRL Hybrid Keypad with a C.L dimmer built in

There is a new C.L Hybrid keypad where the built in dimmer will be able to control cfl and led loads. This is exciting news as the keypad will now allow you to replace an existing switch or dimmer without having to "cut in" The Hybrid Keypad functions as both a dimmer and keypad button which is combined into a single device, this is great for retro-fit since they eliminate the need to install two separate devices. Imagine how convenient this would be for your application.     

 Note:  C•L hybrid keypads do require a  neutral-wire.

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             The most popular keypad is the 6 button with  raise/ lower   



                         To celebrate a new RA 3 system

               Lutron have introduced 24 new Colors



     Pico Controllers are a vital part of a Lutron RA 2, RA 3 and Select system

Below you will see the variety of  2 and 4 button pico scene controllers to enhance your living space they can be easily wall mounted or placed on a pedestal for use on a coffee or bedside table. They are an affordable solution for kitchen Islands to create the right lighting level for preparation, dining and clean up. The new engraved pico controllers will operate with all three systems.

.                                           RadioRA 2,  RadioRA 3,  RA2 Select and Caseta Wireless.